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Anonymous: my mum is stealing my identity hurray. She's kind of... well if I express an opinion on something, like art, which I do know alot about, she will take it and use the exact words five minutes later to someone else, so she can take the bragging "off my shoulders". She does this with everything. My art, my thoughts, my friends, my body, everything

have you ever thought of why she might be doing this? 

Maybe she admires you… maybe she wants to be a lot like you because she’s proud and she doesn’t really feel confident about herself?

What’s on your mind? anything troubling you? tell me on anon!

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Anonymous: My dad is a bigot and is totally ignorant of everything that doesnt agree with his views. I cant even have a proper debate with him, as he changes the subject entirely when he realises that hes wrong or his opinion isnt the only one with validation.

sounds a lot like my mum… parents can be completely ignorant. Just learn to be the better person and don’t waste your time arguing with them.

Stupid people are everywhere so just accept that and learn to spend your time and effort on people worth talking to…

Anonymous: So my chances of graduating high school do not look very good right now. I feel like a fucking failure and dissapointment. I just wanna disappear.

Well then do something about it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and fucking study. 

You can do it i know it.

Never give up.